Due to construction being performed by Ewing Township on Sylvia Street they have asked us to close our entrances on Sylvia Street. They estimate this to be a two to three week project starting June 1st. The traffic patterns in and out of our Ewing branch may change during the project according to the construction officials. Please use caution when visiting us in Ewing. Thank you.

Hardship relief is available for members impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Your funds deposited with Credit Union of New Jersey are safe, secure and insured.

View our updated branch hours and closure information due to coronavirus (COVID-19) health concerns.


A better way to access your monthly statements.

e-Statements are so much better than monthly paper statements. For one, you’ll receive your e-Statements more quickly every month. You don’t have to file your e-Statements in a binder or filing cabinet—or shred them. If you need to look something up, you can view your e-Statements online—or on your smartphone or tablet when using our mobile app—back a full 18 months.

This is a great feature when you’re doing your taxes and need to review a year’s worth of statements quickly. And e-Statements are environmentally friendly. But most importantly, when you receive e-Statements you are less vulnerable to identity thieves who could steal those paper statements from your mailbox and use them to access your accounts.

Each of these benefits is valuable enough to make it worth your while to switch to e-Statements. When you look at them all together, this could be one of the smartest decisions you make this year.

Enjoy the freedom to prosper. If you have questions about e-Statements, just give us a call at 609.538.4061 or 800.538.4061, email us at memberservices@cunj.org, or stop by one of our branches.

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