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Your funds deposited with Credit Union of New Jersey are safe, secure and insured.

SavvyMoney® Checkup

Think of it as a physical for your finances.

SavvyMoney® Checkup is an online money management tool available to all Credit Union of New Jersey Members. Just like your annual physical exam, this is an in-depth process that can help you improve all aspects of your financial health, including:

  • Learning how to create a working budget based on your income versus expenses
  • Getting a handle on what you owe, who you owe, and where your money is being spent
  • Offering advice on how to allocate your income to pay off debt faster
  • Talking to a CU of NJ professional to improve your current financial situation

The financial assistance we provide through SavvyMoney® Checkup is confidential, supportive and easy. When you enroll, you’ll get a password you can use to update your information and see your progress. It’s easy to get started online.

To save time, fill out a financial worksheet.

Enjoy the freedom to prosper. If you have questions about SavvyMoney® Checkup, just give us a call at 609.538.4061 or 800.538.4061, email us at memberservices@cunj.org, or stop by one of our branches.

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