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Share Certificates

Feather your nest, risk-free.

That’s right. Grow your nest egg and receive a guaranteed rate of return. All you have to do is pick your term (or terms, since you can have multiple Share Certificates working for you at the same time). Make a minimum initial deposit of just $500 per Certificate. Then, watch your interest accumulate.

With CU of NJ Share Certificates:

  • We offer terms from three months all the way to 60 months.*
  • Typically, the longer the term, the stronger your APY (Annual Percentage Yield) will be.
  • When you open a Certificate for at least $100,000, you’ll receive a higher APY as well.

Here’s a smart way to get Certificates working harder for you. It’s a strategy called “laddering.”

  • Say you have $25,000 to invest.
  • If you put $5,000 into a 12-Month Certificate, another $5,000 into a 24-Month Certificate, the third $5,000 into a 36-Month Certificate, the fourth $5,000 into a 48-Month Certificate, and the last $5,000 into a 60-Month Certificate, you’ll have a Certificate maturing each year for the next five years.
  • As each Certificate matures, roll it back into a 60-Month Certificate.
  • You’ll still have Certificates maturing each year, so your $25,000 is not fully tied up. But by the end of that fifth year, all of your Certificates will be earning at the 60-Month dividend rate.

Enjoy the freedom to prosper. You can open your CU of NJ Share Certificate(s) securely and quickly online. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call at 609.538.4061 or 800.538.4061, email us at or stop by one of our convenient branch locations.


Penalty applies for early withdrawal.

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